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Poetry and Meditation


Joe Ross is the author of over fourteen books of poetry, with History And Its Making, PURH (2017) the most recent. Others include : 1000 Folds, Chax Press (2014), Wordlick, Green Integer Press (2011) and Strata, Dusie Press (2008). Former Literary Editor of the arts bi-monthly The Washington Review from 1991-1997, and co-founder of both the In Your Ear reading series in Washington, D. C. and the Beyond the Page reading series in San Diego, CA, he received a NEA award for his poetry in 1997 and is the three time winner of the Gertrude Stein Poetry Award. He presently resides in Paris.

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Poetry opens and holds space ; meditation opens and is space held.

To me it seems unnecessary to make any distinction ; and distinction calls reductionism into being – if allowed, this reduction results in and produces separation ; which gives rise to confusion. Poetry offers a space of clarity.

Poetry heals linguistic and existential divides through its living energy force which in being enacts simultaneously each side of the gap while creating a vital third space from which each side can be experienced individually and too, in non-separated unification. Separate and not separate simultaneously. Poetry offers freedom.

To me, the most challenging part of writing is in getting out of the way ! This is where meditative practices help by emptying and calming the mind first.

What do I write when I am not there ?

That’s poetry !

De-Flections, Potes & Poets Press, 1994 : extraits et History in the Making. The Making of History / L’Histoire comment. Comment l’histoire : extraits

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